115 Sqn RAF wanted

We zijn nog steeds op zoek naar meer informatie en/of foto van volgende mensen:
We’re still searching information and/or a photo of the following persons:

A: Sgt Adair Robert – Sgt Allen Frederick – W/O II Anderson Sidney Andrew   – F/S Atkinson Dennis

B: Sgt Bannister Hugh George – F/S Bennet Peter Anthony – Sgt Berry Kenneth George – F/O Booth Joseph Donald – Sgt Boyle Malcolm

C: Sgt Carr Leslie George – F/S Clarke Ralph William – Sgt Coker Charles Kenneth – F/S Crampton William Francis – Sgt Currie James

D: F/O Davies Reginald Ivor Havard – P/O Dodgshun G T – AC 2 Duggan Douglas

E: Sgt Edwards Emrys

F: AC 1 Flanigan Gerard Edward – Sgt Fleming Charles Roughead – Sgt Flower W L – Sgt Forth Norman Louis – F/S Fullum Walter Joseph

G: Sgt Gillespie I M – AC1 Glendinning H D – Squadron Leader Grant John Ritchie –

H: Sgt Hedgecock H E – P/O Hollenback Fraser Clarke – Sgt Holt Alan -Sgt Hooper Alfred Harold – Sgt Hughes Kenneth William

J: F/S Jennings Herbert Maxwell

K: Sgt Kendrick Harry – T/Sgt Koss C

L: F/O Laslett D F – AC 1 Ludlam L W

M: Sgt Mackay Neil – Sgt MacKenzie N J – Sgt McKelvie William – Sgt McLeod William Arnott – F/S Moores Leonard George – Sgt Morton Albert Edward

O: Sgt O’Hare Bernard William

P: AC1 Packer John Thomas – Sgt Parry William Grainger – Sgt Payne Frank Stubbington – P/O Peate Raymond Ernest Lee – F/O Pellew Robert Everard – Sgt Plummer John Frederick

R: P/O Richardson Murray Lincoln  – F/Sgt Robinson Nicholas Auber Benjamin – P/O Rodgerson Jack

S: Sgt Saunders Richard Stanley – P/O Shaw Noel Reginald – Sgt Sharratt George Vivian – Sgt Simmonds Henry John William – W/O Smith John George –  P/O Snowdon John Atherstone – Sgt Sproston Hubert – P/O Steele P J R

T: Sgt Tabner Eric Edward – Sgt Taylor Robert Finlay – Sgt Tucker Howard – P/O Tibbits Eric Ronald – Sgt Tickner Arthur Raymond – Sgt Thomas Hopkin George – F/S Thomas Ronald –

V: Sgt Vernon Hubert

W: Sgt Wakeman Edward Vivian – P/O Waller Stanley – F/O Ward John Halliday – P/O Whilton J

Z: P/O Zegarchuk James Eugene

Wie ons hierbij kan helpen mag dit doormailen naar “bram@ww2awards.com” en “filipdoms@skynet.be”
Anyone who can help us, please contact us on “bram@ww2awards.com” and “filipdoms@skynet.be”

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    Information wanted on Lancaster crews and their aircraft. Do you know of any of the following members?

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